You might have watched the TV series, Hoarders, and might be wondering whether these homes are for real. At Warrington House Clearances, Richard James and the team has come across a few of them. In fact, we have been cleaning hoarders’ houses in and around Warrington for decades. Want to read the story? Here it goes. 

Home of Hoarders

Whenever we get invited for a house clearance job in Cheshire, we don’t really know what to expect. It might be only a few garden chairs to take away, however, we might come across a home of hoarders. It is easy to tell by the smell as soon as you step through the front door or look through the window. Most of the cleaning jobs will involve removing years or clutter and – in some cases – food leftover, and giving the home a fresh clean. 

Environmental Risks of Hoarding 

It is never a good sight to see a home in a bad state. Most of the time, the owner of the property is elderly or vulnerable. However, we have also been invited to probate homes when the resident unfortunately passed away and the relatives had to make sure that the property is in a clean and tidy condition before being renovated or put on the market. With food left out, there will be rodents, and often we have to call pest control before we can get to work.  

What Hoarder House Cleaning Involves

The first thing we need to do is make sure that there are no environmental risks in the house. Most of the time hoarders’ houses are neglected, and there might be dampness, due to the clutter and the lack of ventilation. Spillage of chemicals can also cause problems for us when entering the home of hoarders. Once we know this, we will be starting to remove the clutter and either order ton bags or a skip. When the area is clear, we can start cleaning. 

Our Worst Hoarders’ Houses Cleaning 

Here are a few examples of hoarders’ houses we have come across during the many years of providing house clearance services in Cheshire 



  1. The Cluttered Living Room

This house was a mess to say the least. A lot of old furniture and TV was crammed in the front lounge area. 

We had to remove all the furniture, clean the floor, and there was nowhere to sit. 

There were also old broken electricals and toys all over the floor. 


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garage clearance Warrington

2. Hoarders' Garage

It must have been really hard to find anything in this garage. 

The property was filled with tools, woodworking materials, electricals, and boxes. 

Not to mention the leftover floorboards and garden tools. 

We removed them all. 

3. The Most Disgusting Kitchen

Once we stepped into this kitchen, the smell just hit us!

There were broken fridges and freezers everywhere, and it looks like the counter and the toaster were last cleaned in the 20th Century. 

We could only guess what was in the bottles. Whatever it was, it didn’t smell good. 

We were also worried about opening the fridge. 

All clean now. 


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If you know anyone who needs a thorough house clearance, or you are thinking about the cost of hoarders house cleaning services in Cheshire, get in touch with Richard James House Clearances and we will be happy to give you an estimate.